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by Sandy MacKenzie on 08/17/19

I'm starting up a blog to share stories of fishing trips on the rivers of the North of Scotland. This will include stories and photographs, tips on where to go and where to stay, anything that might be of use to fellow anglers.  Ask questions on places we've been to,  fishing tackle and techniques,  or let us know what's on your mind regarding the state of Salmon Fishing in Scotland.

We fish mostly for Atlantic Salmon but want to hear about your Seatrout and Trout adventures too.  Fly fishing is my own preference, with barbless hooks and practice catch and release as much as possible.  But each to their own, so tell us about having fun on the river and help to promote the fantastic sport of fly fishing for salmon.

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1. Andrew Perry. said on 8/16/20 - 02:42PM
I feel very proud to benthe first person onnyour fishing blog,,it does seem to be few and far between IfmI may say! I have a story of my most proud salmon...grilse of all time. I caught it on The River Meig....I had fished the same spot for over 30 years...sometimes with permission..sometimes not. I had fished the deep pool opposite the big rock half way downn the glen, renounded for the ghost of the dancing Scotsman, someone I had never seen but certainly believed in and still do to this day. It was late September. I had fished this section for years with a single handed rod and normally a bloody butcher or and emerald trout fly and occasionally over the years....SOMETHING....large took my father James...Never believed me. I knew I was right! I arrived as usual to my favourite spot....I went to the stones bankmopposite the sign, which said beware of over head cables....and for the very first time I cast, with a 12 ft salmon rod and a small Ally's to the flow directly above the life's dream was on the end of my rod...I couldn't believe it. I'm afraid I did bully it a little as I was so so so excited. He was a 3 1/2 ..4lb grilse and a bit ropey. ..but by far and above the most exciting and best fish I have EVER caught. Of late I had such fond memories of my dear friend Peggy, your darling mother and her pancakes and the best raspberry jam on the planet. The old man in his chair in the corner. The happiest times of my life. I hope you get to read this dear old friend as the first fishing blog on your website. Your kind and generous parents that made my child hood holidays such a pleasure. I hope you Sandy and your family are well and happy in these difficult times. Oh and of course I have a picture of this said salmon...from the River Meig. I would love to hear from
2. SMac said on 8/17/20 - 09:26AM
@AndrewPerry Thank You for being the first to contribute to my sadly non-existent blog. I started it with good intentions of documenting fishing trips and useful information but COVID19 has wiped out any chance for me to go fishing or to get back to my beloved highlands of Scotland this year. Maybe I need to add an old story or two just to get it going ! Cheers old friend, good to hear from you.

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